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About Us - A Brief History

Vetrol Data Systems started out in 1972 by providing its customers with mainframe based data processing services. At that time, the cost of ownership of a computer system was so high that local Treasure Coast business could not afford to have in-house systems. Vetrol Data Systems provided a cost-effective solution by providing a data center with significant Burroughs computer equipment and a trained staff responsive to meeting customer needs for computer applications such as payroll, general accounting, and cost accounting services.

The Computer Room 

Our computer room in the August 1975 issue of Indian River Life magazine
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As the power of the microprocessor grew in the late seventies and early eighties, Vetrol Data Systems foresaw the need to deliver computer systems to its larger customers. Vetrol Data Systems developed and manufactured small multi-user timeshare computer systems and developed custom applications for businesses such as country club operations, plumbing wholesalers, and construction companies.VAX11-780

While we were making our own small computers, we were working with DEC's new VAX computers to address the massive computations needed at US Steel and other steel firms to optimize the making of high alloy steels from mixed scrap shipments.

Our construction cost accounting work lead us into becoming a dealer for AutoCAD drafting software. As we sold this software it soon became evident that many of our customers had problems that exceeded our expertise with the software, and that the cost of owning and learning AutoCAD was still too high for the average user. The simple solution to both problems was for us to develop a CAD service bureau that provided CAD services to local businesses. As we worked with their real world problems we were better able to teach them the day to day use of the system. Over time the cost of the hardware required dropped and the CAD work moved into the architect's and builder's offices as we moved more into training and support.

By now the Intel 486 came into being and began to rival the power of our own systems. We switched over to IBM compatible computers and Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system. We migrated our old applications and developed new applications using Microsoft's FoxPro database language.

The next technology to emerge on the scene was the Internet. Vetrol Data Systems was the first company on the Treasure Coast to provide Internet access to business and the general public through the IRENE system.

IRENE, the Indian River Education Network, was developed under a technology development grant from the US Department of Commerce's National Technology Infrastructure Administration in partnership with the Indian River County School District and the Education Foundation of IRC. Originally developed as a text based bulletin board system with email and text browsing capabilities, IRENE has been continually upgraded over the years and currently provides unlimited nation-wide access ports.

Concurrently with our Internet work, Vetrol Data Systems has developed an interactive voice response system to allow access to information on building permits and inspections for building and zoning departments of city and county governments.


Vetrol Data Systems sees each customer not as a potential one-time sale, but as a long-term partner. We are in business to establish and maintain a good working relationship. We see ourselves as your technology consultant and watchdog. We are here to make sure that you are supplied with the best means of integrating technology into your business and making it work successfully. Vetrol Data Systems has been in the technology business since 1972. But even more important than that is our commitment to working with our customers and meeting their needs for over 38 years.

Let us help your company meet the ever-changing requirements of new technology. Call Vetrol Data Systems today.