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Is your B&Z Department open 24/7?

Phone ImageOur Automated Inspection Request System (AIRS) is an interactive voice response system that allows permit holders and inspectors to access the building department information from any touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day (less any required backup time).

Routine inquiries, requests and printing tasks are handled by AIRS, leaving staff free to attend to functions that require personal interaction. 

The principal features of AIRS include:
Voice menu system (with interrupt for experienced users)
Accept an inspection request for a valid permit
Report on a permit status
Provide the inspection results
Accept voice messages from inspectors
Print inspection tickets in various formats
Allows multiple requests per single telephone call
AIRS is a multi-tasking system to the extent that the following activities can be carried out while the telephone interface remains on-line and interactive:
The local database can be maintained from the keyboard (add, delete and edit)
Inspection tickets can be printed
Reports can be calculated and printed
Data can be exchanged with the host system

The system is designed to handle as many separate requests as there are incoming lines. While one processor is controlling the telephone calls, the second AIRS processor is constantly running four or more sessions of host communication, console operation, database function, and batch data processing.

AIRS is also designed to perform unattended backups during periods of low activity, normally scheduled at 3:00 AM. All voice messages, data and programs are included in this backup.

The system is modularly designed to the extent that major components, including complete CPU's can be replaced in the field with telephone support. Data and system recovery is as automatic as possible from the daily backups even if the complete computer is replaced. AIRS maintains its own local database sufficient to run even if a host system is down.

The system is capable of bidirectional communication with a host system. This interface supports the creation of new permits and inspections in the local database as well as accept requests and results posted on the host system. The interface also provides inspection requests and results back to the host system and has an on-line connection or a batch update with controllable frequency.

A demo system is available for interested parties. For the current telephone access number and instructions, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Tel: 772-562-1621